The beginning

Neal and Karen

​​​​​​1958 was the year Neal was first introduced to dog training when he volunteered to decoy in the air force.  At that time his dog of choice was the German Shepherd, but since then he expanded his preferences to include the  Belgian Malinois, and recently the German Malinois cross. All three of these breeds, with proper training, will make exceptional working dogs  and/or dedicated pets who will protect the family with their lives. ​Training dogs had taken him around the world where many of the dogs he had trained are working today in police departments, protecting homes, and making outstanding family pets.

​ Neal and Karen moved to Costa Rica where the highest demand was for personal and home protection dogs.  There they began to train dogs that had the courage to defend, becoming an immediate protection and alarm system for their owners

​​In 2000 he began working with Gary LaFollette at LaFollette Training Center and Drugbeat in Missouri.  There he became a certified agent for Drugbeat and training went to a new and very exciting level - building detection dogs for the police. Today he is still a certifying agent with Drugbeat based in northern Florida.

​​Our kennel, CR Shepherds has moved several times since they have moved both in and out of the country. They have now settled  in Homosassa, FL where they decided to retire. After spending several years learning from and working with Neal, Shana their daughter and Sarah their granddaughter are now continuing to breed and train excellent high pedigree German Shepherds, Belgian malinois and the hybrid breed German Malinois.